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With the last State of the Season you may have noticed that their was no title picture. I will explain, but I hope you’re up to date on your Marvel lore. Fans of this blog (if I may be so bold as to claim some) will know that almost always I have placed Chris Pratt, my self-declared man crush, as the main image adorning my quarterly recaps. Given that Pratt’s most famous recurring character in cinema is Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star Lord, of the Guardians of the Galaxy, I have often displayed a Guardians related picture. Yet as fans of The Avengers: Infinity War are aware, Star Lord was one of the many heroes who vanished into thin air at the end of the film. Since we no longer have a corporeal Star Lord, we lacked a Pratt pic for the last SotS. I think that I will continue to keep his objectively beautiful face off the front page as this Marvel business becomes clearer. Have some dinosaurs in the meantime.

Now that that’s been established, let’s move on to the last 12 posts I’ve churned out since then!

First was “Thoughts on the DMZ and TMZ From the Waiting Room of a Car Dealership”, another inventive piece that was more rambling train of observational thought as I wrote my notes down on my phone while waiting for my overly long car servicing to be completed. Within my watching the world go round notes, I chimed in with some reactions to the headline news at the time. Man, things sure move fast within three months….

At the end of this piece I made a quick reference to two songs, including “Trapped in the Closet” by R .Kelly, a musical artist who is in some hot water of his own right now, but I’ll let Amber Ruffin explain that best:

The other song of course was the brilliant parody of that song by the greatest parody artist: “Trapped in the Drive-Thru” by Weird Al Yankovic:

“The Movie Man” is an appreciation of George Lucas, with a fair amount of criticism, published on his birthday.

“The Mousy Nurse of Oxford, Massachusetts” was originally going to be a history of the American Red Cross, but as I read more into it, I was more compelled by the story of its founder, Clara Barton.

The title was written in a style meant as a nod to Mark Twain.

“Never Forget the Fallen” was a simple reminder to think of those who have died defending what they thought was right for their country on Memorial Day.

“Dynamo Deliverance” is a look back at the evacuation at Dunkirk published on the anniversary of that enormous event. As good as the movie is, there is so much more to the real life story.

“The Cousteau Clan” is a sort of trifecta biography of Jacques Cousteau, and his two sons, Jean-Michel and Philippe, published on Jacques’ birthday.

My next post is a eulogy to Anthony Bourdain. Originally, I simply forgot to give the post a title before clicking the publish button, but in hindsight I like it. It seems to have been a natural mistake that has become more fitting than sticking to the original plan. No reservations indeed.

Since publishing this post, I ate my first In N Out burger on a trip out west. Such was the favorite restaurant of Bourdain in the whole LA area, and I must say that it stands far above all other fast food places. In true Bourdain fashion, my friends and I stopped at In N Out upon our arrival and before our departure. I recommend getting it with grilled onions and a chocolate shake. Animal style is a not-too-terribly secret menu style order you can make there that comes with extra sauce and a bit more flavor added to the burgers in cooking.

“Have You Ever Really Looked At Your Hands, Man?” Well, have you? The real question should probably be, have you ever listened to Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon? because you should.

“When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” – I didn’t really like the latest Jurassic Park movie, but I can recommend Dinosaur National Monument! Seriously, you should go see the latter; it’s amazing! On the way there you can read this post with my thoughts on the Jurassic sequels.

“Turn the Paige” – Like my bio on Clara Barton, I typed up this one on Satchel Paige in the steady, sudden reveal style Paul Harvey used to roll out on the radio. Google it you fucking millenials. Hahahahaha, I kid; I’m one of you and generations are stupid. Everybody’s different and makes their mark their own way. Look at Satchel Paige. You can start by reading what I wrote about him.

“The Eagle Has Launched” is the first of my pieces regarding Apollo 11. This one was published on the anniversary of the launch of that spacecraft and covered some of the details regarding that historic mission.The second part came out the following week with “The Greatest Speech Never Given” about the speech that fortunately did not  have to be read about a mission failure on the first manned moon landing. I think we can all appreciate one fewer instance where Richard Nixon did not deliver us bad news.

I did plan to release these posts around the anniversary of the moon landing (next year is the 50th!), but I forgot about the lunar eclipse that occurred last Friday. Happy accident. Although, it would have been better if us folks in North America could have gotten to see it.


Thanks for reading, and thanks for continuing to visit this site! I hope you will return next week for more original content which you can find here each Monday. Until then, enjoy yourself, and enjoy this bonus random video about the visual of cinema’s best bad guy:




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