Son of a Twitch


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Oh thank Christ for Democracy! Although, this wouldn’t be the same without Anarchy.

Last week, SpaceX’s redonkulous Falcon Heavy launch and its absurd payload stole the show from the 10 Year Anniversary of an internet phenomenon known as “Twitch Plays Pokemon”. If you’re not familiar with it, I invite you to check it out as it is one of the most fun and fascinating social experiments ever conducted on the magnificent global medium. At the risk of running into another stint of Anarchy being instilled in the Hive Mind, I’d better shift gears from typing and offer up some video summaries of the first generation of the amazing activity that is “Twitch Plays Pokemon”.




Thanks for reading and watching! If you are interested in more Twitch playing Pokemon then look into any of their numerous run-throughs on the other generation games in the series. As always, feel free to send me questions, comments, or suggestions at

All praise the Helix,



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