State of the Season 14 – Be Smart and Kind and Do the Right Goddamned Thing

Hello all! A lot has happened in the last three months which should come as no surprise, but many of those things sure did surprise and even shock us. Some of this was reflected in my writing, but ultimately I approach these posts with whatever ideas and feelings strike me that day.

Today, of course, I am peering over my shoulder to review what I wrote about over the last twelve weeks. Typically, I have a picture of my main man crush, Chris Pratt, adorning this post, but today is Tom Selleck’s birthday, and if anyone can displace the Pratt for a post pic, it’s the man with the greatest mustache the world has ever seen. Happy birthday, Tom! In case you missed any of it, here’s what crossed my mind over the last quarter of a year:

“I Put A Hex On You” – Since the previous State of the Season fell on Halloween’s eve (otherwise known as Hallow’s Eve Eve), I had to kind of push back my originally intended spooky subject matter, but it didn’t feel quite right. Isn’t it weird how a single day can have a sort of season leading up to it, but the day after feels like all that build-up anticipation deflates? This is really noticeable on Christmas, even when we try vainly to keep that energy going via New Year’s.

At any rate, it felt like I needed a sort of Halloween hangover cure that contained a little bit of the werewolf that bit us inside a concoction that was more what I usually serve up, and voila! a post around PBS’ “It’s Okay to be Smart” and the favorite shape of Nature.

“We Got Him!” – I love John Oliver, and I love his magnificent show Last Week Tonight. Fortunately, we do not need to wait too much longer for its return.

“O-H-I-O! Rip His ****ing Head Off!” – This is the latest chapter of my annual look back at the Ohio State-Michigan game from 10 years prior.

“I Must Respectfully Rant” – This is what I wrote in response to the tide of sexual misconduct allegations.

“Sex, Beer Pong, and Xenomorphs: Monday Musings on How Fincher’s Failure is Superior to Scott’s (Recent Commerical) Success” – Sometimes that weird thought you have at a party morphs into so much more, similar to how that strange, spidery space creature that latched onto your friend’s face morphed into a terrifying, macabre hellbeast (or should I say, Star Beast?). This thought of mine coincided nicely with the timing of YouTuber The Long Take’s release of his analysis of Alien 3.

“Rey’s the Stakes” – I had been hanging onto the title for this one for a while. Originally, I had planned to write a post elaborating on a fan theory I quite liked that proposed Rey to be Luke’s daughter who had been a child growing up around his new “So You Wanna Be a Jedi?” school where she had a close connection with her older cousin Ben. Things go awry when Ben turns to the Dark Side and adopts his new identity as Kylo Ren, but while he actively seeks to destroy his uncle and the other followers not falling in line with his new order, Ren is still Ben when it comes to Rey, so he takes her to the farthest edge of the galaxy to live “safely” on Jakku. My initial excitement gradually waned, especially as I considered how unlikely it was that all these pieces would fall into place and realize how little I actually wanted it to. I did know that regardless of whether any of this came true in The Last Jedi, Rey is the face of this trilogy and all that occurs in it depends on her choices and actions. For what it’s worth, I did correctly guess her actual heritage, so…there.

“Awesome Abe Say Slavery Sucks and Racism’s Rotten” – Here’s the short version: the American Civil War was fought over slavery and supporting the Confederacy equates to supporting the enslavement of human beings, so stop waving around your stars and bars, which by the way was not even the actual flag of the Confederate States of America. The flag typically referred to as the Confederate flag was the battle flag of Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia troops.

“Thank God for Queen” – This song came on my playlist today! And I loved it! This is the one Christmas song that I can listen to (and sing along with) outside of the holiday season. Man, I hope they don’t mess up that Freddie Mercury movie….

“More Music for the Soul” – My fourth annual list of songs to give you some guidance or zen or joy or whatever you may need in life. I rushed this one a bit as I packed for a trip to Texas for a wedding, so it is a little thinner than I would like. Nevertheless, the only note that I’d like to add is in regards to “Only the Good Die Young”,  where Billy Joel is not saying that Virginia is going to literally die at young age, but he is warning that she will metaphorically die young and be left to live her (probably long) remaining life with nothing exciting to look forward to because she was never permitted to do anything fun or free while she was young.

“2017 Was a Super Year for Movies” – You’d really be hard pressed to find a bad year for movies since movies have been made, and while there is plenty of crap chucked incessantly out at us theatergoers year to year, there fortunately is a lot of gold and greater to be mined out from the mountain of motion pictures. I will never it all, but I did see these and offer my opinions on them in this post.

Speaking of posts, I saw The Post and would add it to my “Delivered the Goods” list. Goddamn Streep, you keep churning out amazing acting like we keep expending carbon through breathing. What! You do that too?! What can’t this woman do? Her male counterpart, Tom Hanks, should have also nabbed a nomination in my opinion, but I realize that there are only so many of these to go around.

I also think that Streep will watch Frances McDormand walk up to that stage to grab her second Oscar for her performance in Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri, a movie I enjoyed even more than The Post. My stamp of approval still goes to Blade Runner 2049 for best movie of last year.

“The Time is Always Right to Do What is Right” – Martin Luther King Jr. said these wise words that are always applicable, but seem to have greater relevance currently in the United States than they have for a while. They definitely are the right words to title this appreciation of the man with a hope that his example will continue to lead us to harmony.

“Roe, Roe, Roe Your Vote” – I try not to be political – something that is increasingly difficult in this era in America – but regardless of your own view (or mine) this is a significant case, the history of which often gets lost amidst the passionate shouts from both sides.

No matter how big it may be for you, make sure that you do not allow this or any other issue to be the only thing you consider when casting your vote. It is up to you to decide what holds the most importance on the ticket, but do not get hung up on one issue so that you disregard all others!

Thanks for reading! For both today and over the past weeks, months, and years! I look forward to keeping this crazy car careening along the road for many Mondays to come, and I hope that you’ll be there for it.

Thanks for not asking “Are We There Yet?”,



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