I Put A Hex On You

With apologies to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins for the pun, I’m more curious about the utilization of the six-sided shape within so many natural structures, both biological and geological. Hexagons are quite common throughout the world, coming in many sizes, but really just the one shape though; that’s kind of thither defining feature. Why exactly is this? The answer seems to lie in the mysterious realm of mathematics, and it certainly is presented more intelligently by one of my favorite online series:

Take that Ikea! Who’s got the optimal space conserving floor plan now! On second thought, I take it back. There is no need to smack talk the marketplace of Valhalla. It also seems wrong not to include this:

Happy belated Halloween!

Thanks for reading and mostly watching! Send any questions, comments, or suggestions to monotrememadness@gmail.com, and be sure to circle hexagon your way back here again next week for more fun.

Stay hexy,



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