Oh the Weird and Wonderful

Happy Birthday Weird Al! Today the King of Parody turns 58, and his musical make-funnery is still flowing as long as his curly locks. Two years ago, I posted a list of my favorite songs from each of his albums, and today I am going to include a selection of some of his personal video clips often posted to his hilarious YouTube channel. As you will see, Mr. Yankovic’s humor is far beyond lyrical, and his love for skewering the grammatically incorrect (oh man, I hope I wrote that all properly) and for pointing out the ridiculousness of real life reaches outside of the realm of music. Behold!

Let’s not forget the moments somebody else filmed either, like his most recent win at the 2015 Grammys.

And his hysterical reaction to it:

Al Yankovic has made a career of being weird from his earlier days:

…to more recent times:

Hopefully he will continue to do so for many years to come. Happy birthday ya weirdo!

Thanks for reading, and mostly watching and listening. Be sure to polka on back here next week for more wacky fun with the latest State of the Season recap.

Keep it weird,



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