State of the Season 11 – America the Beautiful Keeps on Rockin’ and Rollin’

Hello friends far and wide across the reaches of the internet! Though I have not met most of you, I hope that I have helped you keep rockin’ and rollin’ in some small way through your own life with my continuing weekly writing. The past three months have had a lot happen both globally and much more locally within the realm of my consciousness, so let’s take a look back at the big things, the little subtleties, and everything in between by recapping my last 12 posts.

“A Super Show of Support” is my first post of this quarterly-ish cycle, and it contained my reaction to the sentiment surrounding the shows and commercials of the Super Bowl, and a bit about the game itself. I aimed to express my personal emotions and ideals rather than churn out another round of football fawning.

Lady Gaga’s halftime show was good, though her music has never been at the top of my playlist, however, it did inspire me to make a mental note (and later a physical one) to include another song on my annual end of the year/beginning of the next post featuring songs I find helpful to improve life.

“Of Peppered Moths and Pangolins” is a celebration of the shared birthday of Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, but mostly Darwin and his unifying theory of biology. The titular organisms also feature prominently to help explain just how natural selection works and to additionally celebrate Global Pangolin Day which occurs every third Saturday of February!

“The American Adams Family” may be an inaccurate title insofar as the beloved kooky and creepy Addams family from the classic television show were also residents of the United States. I apologize to any and all offended by this grievous oversight on my part. Damn you, past me!

The post itself focuses on the first of the many directly related United States Presidents and their impact on the county they served. I present this in the best way I know how, by tying history to a movie I saw and love, although the movies in this case showcase the Adams’ at the forefront and are based in historical fact, so I feel a little more justified in this one.

“It’s a TRAPPIST-1!” is my balls-to-the-walls geekout over the NASA news of the discovery of a relatively nearby solar system that has seven planets, including three in the habitable Goldilocks zone that could be potentially livable for humans.

If you want to try your own hand at finding the next big thing in the cosmos then you can! Check out this NASA website where you can peruse the wonder of it all to your heart’s content. NASA sure has been busy doing it.

Baseball’s back! and “Nobody’s Perfect” is my remembrance of the horrible mistaken call that punctuated the perfect game that then-Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga threw in 2010, and also unfortunately hung over the illustrious career of newly retired umpire Jim Joyce.

“Space Butt Joke” is one of those titles that gets noticed. You guys will click on anything with the word “butt” in it and this post is all about Uranus.

David Bowie and Prince were the hardest celebrity deaths for me last year as they were two of the most inspired and inspiring music performers, and two of my personal favorite rockers. Unfortunately we have lost another one who fits those parameters in 2017 in Chuck Berry. I eulogized him with my post “Just Let Me Hear Some of That Rock and Roll Music” and it has not been the last time Berry has been on my mind.

Of course, Berry was on the mind of many others long before I came into existence, and here he can be seen at a concert with another of my heroes, Carl Sagan.


Sagan was the prevalent voice encouraging the inclusion of Berry’s classic “Johnny B. Goode” on the Voyager Golden Record.

“Hello Should Not Be Goodbye” is probably my saddest post yet. This blog allows me to express my happiness as well as my sorrow and serves as a cathartic outlet when I feel the weight of the world rack up on me more than I am used to bearing. This sad tale is the true one of my brief encounter with a small bird called a Golden-crowned Kinglet.

Fortunately, I have had better experiences with other birds I have seen this year, and I have seen almost 130 species already in 2017, including a new one for me just yesterday, and the neo-tropical passerine migration is coming back in full swing!

Form unexpected sorrow to utterly shocked joy, it was an up and down series of days when Rick and Morty came back with an unbelievable fury. I say unbelievable because plenty did not believe the validity of the surprise season three airing at the time, and I’m not sure I believe it actually happened sometimes. I wrote all about my exuberance over it with “I Want The McNugget Sauce, Morty!”

The mysterious Szechuan sauce has garnered quite the following since the episode aired, with some talk about possibly bringing it back for the Disney live action version of Mulan in a few years. Don’t get your hopes up it’ll happen, or that the sauce will be any good if it does. Take comfort in the fact that more Rick and Morty is in store for this summer, and that you can make your own sauce that is good:

“When the Hall is a Rockin’ Don’t Bother Knockin'” is my annual report of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Induction Ceremony, and as stated earlier, Chuck Berry was again at he forefront, but I of course was not alone in this deserved appreciation for the man who made modern rock and roll.

“Cocaine’s a Hell of a Drug” is another sequel post of sorts, as well as a eulogy, but for the hysterically entertaining Charlie Murphy. The older brother of Eddie was a man who saw many walks of life, but he is best remembered as a comedian and for his engrossing retelling of stories from his charmed life, most notably, his over the top, but not completely untrue True Hollywood Stories about Rick James and Prince on Chappelle’s Show. The real subject of the post though is to add to my already existing selection of songs that surround the subject of drugs and drug culture. Once again, I did miss a few though, including Traffic’s “Light Up or Leave Me Alone” and enough others to make another one of these. They may not all be hits, but they are all pretty good.

“Waiting in the Wings of Rock and Roll – Part 1” is a new venture for me. I am taking a look at the artists listed on Jeff Ament’s custom T-shirt bearing the names of the men and women not yet in the Rock Hall that he and new inductee Pearl Jam feel belong alongside of them. I must say, that the ones I’ve listened to sound pretty deserving to me. For the next few weeks I’ll continue to analyze these artists. Depending on what else happens in the world or my own mind, I may not do it all at once. Perhaps I’ll break it up just for the sake of not becoming monotonous. Who knows? I sure don’t. I’m always the last to know what I want out of this adventure, but I do know that I have enjoyed it so far, and I aim to keep enjoying it in the future. I hope that you too have and will continue to enjoy this, even if it’s just a little.

Thanks as always for reading. Please direct any questions, comments, or requests to As is customary for these recaps, here is something random and extra:


Keep circulating the tapes,



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