Waiting in the Wings of Rock and Roll – Part 1

A few weeks ago at the annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Pearl Jam jammed on stage as one of the newest inductees into the hallowed Hall. Their music was loud as always, but the biggest noise that anyone from the band made was bassist Jeff Ament with his bold and literal fashion statement. I touched on this with my post showcasing the Rock Hall Class of 2017, but today I am looking more closely at the names that Ament’s custom shirt had printed on it. The names were those of bands and solo artists whom Ament, Pearl Jam, and many other people believe should join them in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Since there are so many worthy contenders listed, I will not bother to dive into too much detail on the merits of each; rather I will offer a much more objective opportunity for you to make your own subjective stance on each by providing a single song from each discography. You may of course peruse them all further, and I greatly encourage you to do so (that’d be the more actually objective look at things, anyway).

Since there are so many acts here, I will be splitting the list into four parts, meaning that this post will cover the first six lines of rockers, with three more ensuing posts to cover the remaining contenders six lines at a time.

Without further ado, let’s get rocking and rolling.

Brian Eno – More well known as a producer with the likes of U2 and David Bowie and many, many more, Eno also made plenty of ambient solo albums with tracks like “An Ending (Ascent)”.

Can – Oh those wacky Germans and their psychedelic/avant garde/prog like “Spoon“.

Buzzcocks – I first discovered The Buzzcocks a few years ago with their song “Orgasm Addict” (it’s not important how I got there…), and they quickly became one of my favorite punk rock bands. Their best track is one that will be seen on this site again come New Year’s time:

The Cars – How the fuck are the cars not in yet?!

Slayer – One of my mom’s many cousins somewhere down the line works with the gear for this metal band’s shows. Their best known track is probably “Raining Blood”.

Faith No More – This San Francisco alternative sometimes sounds reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, much to the dismay of Anthony Kiedis and RHCP. Their biggest song is “Epic”.

Fela Kuti – Really not familiar with this one, but I like what I’ve heard so far! Try “Water No Get Enemy”.

Alice in Chains – The opposite with these guys, I have listened to their stuff for a while now, and there is a lot that I can recommend, but the best is the semi-biographical “Rooster”.

Flipper – More from San Francisco, and definitely not the dolphin. Here, have a “Sex Bomb”.

Gang of Four – Aren’t we all “Damaged Goods” when it comes down to it?

Grand Funk Railroad – It has to be just a matter of time before these guys get in as they are a mainstay of classic rock stations.

Guided by Voices“I Am A Scientist” – Hey, so am I! Well, science educator at least. It’s all right, I think their focus is not with research specifically either.

Motley Crue – These guys will get in one day for sure.

Husker Du – I suddenly feel bad I don’t have the umlaut addition down on this site. Oh well, Husker Du is Rock Hall bound anyway, especially considering their “Turn On The News” is one of the Hall’s 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll.

Iron Maiden – It’s hard to imagine that the band that is the epitome of heavy hair metal won’t get in at some point. If their influence isn’t obvious in their music, then certainly it is in their marketing. “The Number of the Beast” is great, but my favorite is this one:

Jane’s Addiction “Jane Says” – These guys can’t stop talking about Jane, whoever she is.

Joe Jackson – I never realized this guy’s name! I love this song: “Is She Really Going Out With Him”.

New York Dolls – These guys had a big hand in the makeup and overdressing trend of many rock groups in the 70s and 80s. Check out “Personality Crisis”.

B-52’s – One of the most bizarre and deserving bands up for inclusion. They are so much more than “Love Shack”.

Jonathan Richman – It’s Jonathan, not Jonathon! C’mon Jeff! Whatever his name, check him out.

Kate Bush – Gotta love that 80s muzak. Try “Running Up That Hill”.

King Crimson – These guys, and this song are pretty wild! “21st Century Schizoid Man”!

Duran Duran – Oh man! One of the most heinous exclusions to date, there are so many great songs I could feature here including “Rio”, “A View To A Kill”, “Ordinary World”, “Notorious”, but really is there any doubt that I’d fall upon “Hungry Like The Wolf”?

Aw fuck it, have “Rio” too!

Thanks for reading, but mostly listening! Let me know if you cover “Rio” and form your own band to get a girl and break out of your stifled existence in Ireland. Or go watch Sing Street to know what I’m talking about. Send your whatevers to monotrememadness@gmail.com. We’ll do the next batch in two weeks after the quarterly State of the Season post.

Rock on,



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