State of the Season 9: Strange Things a Happenin’ on Netflix through Strange Things a Happenin’ on the Diamond – Lot’s of Love and Some Loss

Happy Halloween! Here’s hoping your candy quest pans out all right tonight. Sometime in the coming days I am watching a curse end, but as for now we will be celebrating the day we adults are cursed with having to purchase our own source of sugar (unless you have kids; you’ve earned your cut of their candy). Today, on this spooky occasion, I am recapping the last three months on this site for the ninth time since its beginning. Before we get into it though, you may be wondering where Chris Pratt’s picture has gone. Normally my man-crush has the esteemed honor of headlining the header of each State of the Season post, but today that section is being utilized as a tribute to the late John Hicks, an Ohio State lineman from the early 1970s who passed away yesterday. I, along with my mother and friend, Brandon, were lucky enough to meet Mr. Hicks after the 2010 Rose Bowl game. After exiting the stadium, we just happened to run into the man who had been inducted into the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame earlier in the day, and he agreed to take a picture with us. In the excitement of the Buckeyes’ big win that had just occurred, it seemed surreal bumping into one of the stars of the stadium’s rich history. I confess, I didn’t know who he was before his introduction during the ceremony at the game, but after returning home I looked him up and discovered he is revered as one of the greatest players in Ohio State and college football history. So here’s to you, John Hicks. Thanks for smiling when my mom got into the picture.

Now, onto the season’s recap.

Strange Times at Hawkins High” is my expression of admiration for Netflix’s Stranger Things. I added my voice to the choir singing its praises for providing great storytelling through acting, directing, visuals, music, and a great story. I, along with so many others are stoked for season 2 which delivered an exciting trailer with nothing but names of the next round of episodes. Rewatching this series tonight is not a bad idea; fighting demogorgons is.

An Overly Momentous Occasion” took a look at the uh, I guess, expensive? Batman v. Superman movie with the help of a great explanation from the Nerdwriter1 of the difference between cool looking moments and substantial scenes in film. I compared the DC debacle with a single excellently crafted scene from Django Unchained. The featured picture of the Lego versions of the movie’s heroes seemed fitting to represent how through all the pomp and circumstance this movie was essential a guy smashing his toys together on screen.

Science for Your Senator” is a prompt I wrote in college for a class on global climate change. It can be used as a template for you to send to your respective representative in government, no matter where in this world you live. Considering that climate change affects us all, it helps to chime in with your own voice to your own senators, congressmen, mayors, mothers, fathers, farmers, friends, enemies, neutral parties, political parties, and anyone else that I didn’t name in that circle, because this sphere we’re on is extremely important to some of us.

Love and Science: A Match Made in the Creative Cosmos” is me raving more about Interstellar, but this time I had help from Mikey and the gang at Chainsawsuit Original. Oh shit! They just churned out a video on John Wick! Gotta see what they say about the gun-fu master!

An Appreciation for the Wilder Things” is my tribute to the great Gene Wilder. In it I applaud his character, and seven of his best characters on film.

Never Forget” is my remembering of my day on September 11th, 2001. It certainly is not as harrowing as the day remains for too many, but I hope that it can help you recall how the day affected you if you lived during it, and perhaps give a glimpse of how it impacted a person who did if you were born after.

Royal Rovers: The Marvelous Migration of Monarch Butterflies” is a look at the amazing migration that one of the most recognizable and beloved endangered species makes in North America. There is also a migration in New Zealand that is pretty cool.

Not Quite Animal House, But It Will Serve” is a compilation of experiences and moments my friends and I had during our junior year of college. Reading through these helped me compose my best man speech for my friend Joe. If you’re wondering how it went, I knocked it out of the park, of course.

I [heart emoji] U” is my analysis of what exactly constitutes as love inspired by emotions awakened by my friends’ wedding. Or perhaps hormones. Or both. Research is still ongoing.

Droop Snoot Riot” is the annual Mach 1 Week celebration that explores Concorde. My resident airplane and engineering expert/friend Dan got to see one of the few remaining Concordes with a random chance glance when he was in England a few months ago. I meet football players; he meets planes.

Earth Naturel” expresses my interest in encouraging care and conservation for natural spaces and the flora and fauna within them through education and inspiration. I was inspired to write this piece by the trailer of the upcoming Planet Earth II. You lucky Brits get the first glimpse, while us in the States have to wait until January 28th!

It’s About Damn Time!” is my revel in the current World Series matchup that features the two teams with the longest title drought. My apologies to teams that have never won the series, or even been there, but you still have some time to catch up on the drought the Indians, and especially the Cubs have endured. I would be satisfied with either team hoisting the trophy, but my heart is with Cleveland. Let’s go Tribe!

Oh, and bonus baseball tidbit: the Houston Astros were once called the Colt .45s.

Thanks for reading and re-reading. Keep coming back each week for more posts every Monday. The pieces I hinted at in the last State of the Season are still on their way, along with who knows what else?! If you ever have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please send them to

As a Halloween treat, I have included a few scenes that I found particularly scary in their respective movies the first time I saw them (and every subsequent viewing). I’m aware that WhatCulture has done a similar thing throughout this month, but they don’t have the monopoly on scary scenes this time of year. They are not ranked in any way, but each scene sends shivers down me timbers from the gushing blood of the Overlook Hotel’s elevators to the terrifying flash of a demon face in Father Karras’ dream to Ben Gardener’s head bobbing in his boat. Bear in mind there may some spoilers, but you’re safe if you’ve seen these movies:

  • The Shining
  • The Exorcist
  • Jaws
  • Zodiac
  • The Descent
  • Cat People (1942)
  • Alien

All of these are great watching if you’re looking for a good movie for tonight. If you need more to sustain your scares, might I suggest what I already have?

13 Frightening Film Favorites for Halloween


13 Spooky Songs to Pumpkin Spice Up Your Halloween

And the scariest:



P.S. You can begin voting for your five favorite nominees to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this April, here.


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