If You Give a Bigot a Cookie…

Last week, I reveled in the championship that LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers delivered to their glory-starved hometown and smiled at the masses who came together to welcome their athletic heroes home to celebrate the historic occasion. This week, I am looking at another historic occasion, but one that is decidedly less unanimously revered by the residents it directly affects, as well as globally despised by everyone else. I am referring to the “In/Out Referendum” better known as the Brexit that citizens in the United Kingdom voted on last Thursday. The decision to leave the European Union was made in a close vote that saw a large turnout, yet few seem happy with the decision especially outside of Britain.

If you have not heard what the story behind the separation of the UK from the EU is all about, then consult this segment from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:

That aired prior to the vote that divided the citizens of the UK not just by area -Scotland and Northern Ireland were firmly in favor of staying – but by age and educational level as well. Most younger voters opted to stay while older generations chose to leave. Additionally, the number of people with at least a bachelor’s degree were more inclined to remain in the EU than those without one. And as you can probably guess from Oliver’s piece, folks who were born outside of the UK were much bigger fans of sticking with the Union than those who were locals. Thus, it seems that the pre-vote assumption that a growing nationalist movement was the primary group in favor of a British exit was correct. This was further explored by Oliver and his team in the latest episode of his show:

I’ve stayed fairly quiet about my political views in the past for a few simple reasons. Primarily, whom I cast my vote for is between myself and Uncle Sam, and no one else needs to be included in the process. Furthermore, I do not swing strongly one way or the other, and have voted for Democrat, Independent, and Republican candidates for a variety of political positions over the years. Party affiliation has little bearing upon my vote. Instead I base my decisions on the individual candidate and whether or not I think he or she is the best for the job. Sometimes that does boil down to picking the least of all evils, but that is the way it goes to ensure you cast your vote as wisely as possible. If I do not feel informed enough about a certain race or issue, then I simply so not cast a vote because I do not want to make an uneducated vote and mistakenly vote for someone or something that does not align with my views.

All that being said, today I am joining the chorus condemning Donald Trump as a world leader in any capacity. For years I have assumed that he would not survive the political process long enough to make it to the position he is in this year, much like this:

As the cartoon shows, operating with the assumption that something will weed Donald Trump out of the race for president (or any undesirable candidate for any position) is not the way to prevent him from winning that position. He is not going to go away, and a major reason why is the same as why the UK voted for the Brexit: the growing support for nationalism, a bigotry fearful of foreign affairs and immigration and generally what is different from the whitebread way of life. John Oliver attempted to ignore Trump as long as possible also, but a while back his show put together an excellent selection of pieces to point out why he is unfit for command of anything but store that sells bad hairpieces.

Regardless of your political views, be sure that you consider more than one issue or party loyalty before casting your vote for a candidate in any election. Even if you are a Trump supporter, choose based on how the candidate aligns with all of your views and not the views of your friends and family, or a specific party.

Thanks for reading/watching. Return here next week for more informative and entertaining somethings or others.

Don’t be the glass of milk,


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