State of the Season 7: New Planets through Good Night Sweet Prince – Lots of Numbers and Words

Hello and welcome to the seventh quarterly-ish recap of my 12 previous posts! The past three months have seen some serious shit in the way of scientific discovery and end of some entertainment eras. I covered some of these, as well as the anniversaries of various people and events. Without further ado, I’ll give you the summaries and snippets that didn’t make it in each post in case you missed any along the way.

Plan B From MST3K” was originally inspired by the recent discovery of a potential ninth planet in our solar system (sorry Pluto, you don’t get your planet status back), as well as my eagerness to make a pun using a really, really bad movie’s title. However, SciShow beat me to it, so I went with what I knew best: the movie aspect of the story/titular pun. That is why I posted a link to one of the best spacey Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes: Space Mutiny. In case you want an excerpt, check out this supercut of the many names of Space Mutiny hero, David Ryder.

Do the Wave!” was a celebratory woohoo moment at the confirmation of Albert Einstein’s theorized gravitational waves. As promised by them and me, the SciShow crew followed their initial coverage on the momentous occasion with a more in-depth look: “Why Gravitational Waves Are a Big Deal“.

Crikey!” was more than just my second consecutive post with an exclamation mark at the end of it, it was another celebration, but this time one honoring the man who most inspired my love for animals and their habitats with a “happy birthday” retrospective of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. While I’ve never been to Australia yet, one of my co-workers recently visited there and stopped at Australia Zoo. She enjoyed it, but noticed that things are done differently at that zoo, especially where shows are concerned, compared to zoos in America. As long as the animals, trainers, and audience are safe, then I guess to each their own.

Aloysius’ Amalgamation of Time: How Our Current Calendar Came to Be” took advantage of the once-every-four-years event that is Leap Day to explain exactly how it came to be (those goofy Romans!). I also gave a shout-out to my goofy friends who took advantage of the day by having their wedding on it so that they only have to celebrate an anniversary every four years!

Well, There’s Your Problem!” was a send-off salute to my favorite television science crew, the Mythbusters, who wrapped up their explosive series with an extremely fitting collection of bangs. I also shared some of my other TV heroes of sceintific entertainmetn, including the previously covered Mr. Irwin.

Everybody Wants a Piece of the Pi” was a highlight of the most well known non-integer and some of my other favorite things that relate to it in name.

In-Vernal Affairs” was the explanation of the Vernal equinox that marks the beginning of Spring with a good deal of help form PBS’ Digital Studios web series It’s Okay To Be Smart.

A Rose by Any Other Name” was my thoughts on the then yet unconfirmed news that Brian Johnson was out and Axl Rose was in as the lead singer of rock band AC/DC. This all has been since confirmed, but that makes the story no less interesting. Johnson has a hearing loss health issue that forces him to retire (although more may be at play), and so the second major era of AC/DC shall come to an end. At least it is with less finality than another rock and roll act I talked about more recently.

Rock Out With Your Subscription Service Premium Cable Package Out” was my second of my annual discussion of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Class.

Houston, We’ve Had a Successful Failure” was a look back at the Apollo 13 near tragedy on the anniversary of its launch. This past weekend, I got to see my friend Dan’s copy of Jim Lovell’s book on the event complete with Lovell’s signature. Super jelly. Lovell is, after all, the only man to fly to the Moon twice without making a landing there.

Shakespeare’s Sexual Lust for Language” was a repackaging of one of my college essays, but it was one submitted around William Shakespeare’s baptized day (his true date of birth is unknown) and it does speculate that he has a little bit more than an admiration for the English language.

When Devotees Cry” was my eulogy to Prince who is right up there in total vocal range with Axl Rose, but whose total talents will always be on a level all their own. I focused on some of the lesser known aspects of Prince’s life and influences on others, but I forgot to mention that he wrote a number of songs that were used by other artists, the most famous of which is the cover of “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor, often regarding as one of the best songs of the 1990s.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the last 12 weeks worth of writing and will continue too for the next 12 weeks and beyond! As always, I can be reached at for any questions, comments, or writing suggestions. Take care until next week!


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