To The Unknown Joke

Hello everybody! Today marks many anniversaries, including the release of “Love Me Do” as The Beatles first single, and Dr. No debuting as the first James Bond movie (which also makes today Global James Bond Day), both things that interest me greatly, but the topic of today shall begin with a discussion on Bulgaria joining the Central Powers exactly 100 years ago.

The Central Powers was an alliance comprised of Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria during World War I. The main players were Germany and Austria-Hungary, with the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria staying out of the conflict as long as their allies would permit them to, but eventually they both joined in and Bulgaria made their entrance into the Great War. Bulgaria may not have jumped at the chance for conflict, yet they found their way into it thanks to the decades old agreements between fellow eastern European countries that they had themselves become entwined in some time before. The imposing pressure presented by Kaiser Wilhelm certainly also contributed to them caving, however they did not receive direct threats to have their allegiance rescinded as the Ottoman Empire did.

And now for something completely different.

Hooray for anniversaries!



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