Summertime Satisfaction

Happy almost September everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed August and all it’s had to offer. I certainly have, especially at the annual ethnic-based festival where the beer flows freely – literally when you know people who know people who know people working behind the table dispensing aforementioned beer. I composed a little poem about it that goes a little something like this:

German-American Festival

Pitchers of beer

Cheese-filled meats and pretzels

German flag shot that smells like hospital

Peer pressure to drink said shot

More beer

Smelly porta-potty

Motor control lost


Hit wall


Oh God it’s on my leg

More Beer

Worries forgotten

Leg pee too

One more beer?

Why the hell not?

Oh yeah, that’s why

Your body needs more fluids

Well, we got more beer

Beer was not the answer

But there’s still some left

Can’t let this go to waste

Loss of motor control strikes again

Cup dropped

Beer wasted

Me too

Seems to be the case for everyone

Feels like I’m in a video game

And it’s glitching

My parents’ house is close

Like how close?

I mean, I can just hang out here for an hour and sober up

Collective laughter

It’s funny because I’m in no condition to drive

Haha none of us are

Why’d we do this?

Because we’re young and stupid

I have a college degree

You’re also the oldest

Don’t remind me

Oh, that’s why

That came to me in a semi-drunk recovering state of mind the next day and tapped into the simplistic, contemporary influences of one of the English professor’s at my alma mater: George Bilgere. If you like your poetry easy and entertaining with deeper meanings layered within that you probably will find on another pass through, then check out his books like The White Museum. Awesome stuff. I wish I’d actually had him as a teacher for more than just a one lesson sample class.

With the end of August and the waning of summer I am growing steadily more excited for football season to start. I’m also enjoying seeing the temporary Halloween costume and decoration stores crop up around town. Now we just need the leaves to fall off the trees and the autumnal equinox to arrive and we’ll be rid of summer for another year.

But I don’t want to be rid of summer just yet, and I’m sure anyone going back to school feels the same. (Good thing I’m not one of them, ha!) Summer has historically been my favorite season thanks to that freedom from school I used to have (before I had a job, ha!), as well as the natural beauty of the flora and fauna around me thriving in the season of peak abundance. The weather is generally nicer; I can swim and sport short sleeved clothing comfortably, oh, and there’s no fucking snow all over the goddamned place!

Even though there’s still three weeks of summer left to go on the calendar, there is a lot for me and many others to be thankful for regarding this summer and what it’s provided. I’m thankful that I have been able to drink the water from my tap with no issues. I’m thankful for the bevy of summer films that rewarded my trips to the theaters this summer, time and again. I’m thankful I was able to get outside and enjoy nice days and shitty conditions alike at my local parks. I’m thankful that I have many funny voicemails saved on my phone for rainy days and reminders of what life was like a few years ago. I’m further thankful that those many messages have filled up my voicemail inbox so that my ex can’t leave more requests to hang out and attempt to get us back together. I’m thankful to have come across other bloggers’ material like this introspective on one of my favorite novels and its impact on the environmentalist movement – one of my favorite things! As well as the influence ecology – another of my favorite things! – had on it. Just don’t forget the role drugs played in the crafting of Dune, too. I also greatly admire this wacky wildness from the comic collection that feels like an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I’m also thankful for Mystery Science Theater 3000, the greatest show of all time. That doesn’t have as much to do with the waning of summer as the picture I’ve included at the top (it’s titled Waning Summer), but it’s true.

Most of all I’m thankful for this life which I continue to live on a planet with a lot of things that would kill me without a second thought (or any in the case of non-living lethal objects) in a universe that is not too full of places with the perfect conditions for life. I’m not sure how this closing summer thanksgiving came about, but I’m thankful it did. It feels cathartic, in a “I really needed to fart and I did” kind of way. Anyway, thanks to you for reading (I am truly thankful for that). I’ll be more thankful if you return next week for yet another entertaining publication.



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