Help Be a Hero the First World Way!

Hello everybody! I hope you enjoy the actual weekly post I put out earlier tonight. If you haven’t seen it, here it is.

The reason for this special edition post is one that I deem to be important. So important that I am putting it up with the request that you pay money. Not to me, mind you, although I won’t stop you from sending you cold, hard, electronically transferred cash my way because I’m just going to reroute it to four organizations working to make the world a little better. They are Doctors Without Borders; International Rescue Committee; Save the Children; and Partners In Health. All of these are currently doing some excellent hands-on work in West Africa to combat the Ebola outbreak because they have the skill set and know-how to do so. Unfortunately, they don’t always have sufficient funds.

Right now you can go to Network For Good’s website here and make a tax-deductible donation that Google will match and raise so that for every one buckaroo you shell out, they’ll shell out two buckaroos. I’m no math whiz, but I’m pretty sure this means that donating $10 provides a $30 complete donation once Google pumps it up. Whatever money is given is split equally four-ways between the aforementioned organizations. I promise I’m not going to come calling for cash often, and there’s no way fro me to know if you gave anything anyway, but just remember that living in a privileged part of the world, even one as occasionally annoying as ours here in America is a lot better all around than poorer places like West Africa. They don’t have the means to to fully eradicate Ebola and properly educate those in affected areas about its dangers… yet. We’re getting there, but it’s only with the help of people like those working in organizations like DWB, IRC, STC, and PIH. I know you might not be the richest or the most powerful person in America (although Gates and Buffett have already sent some things in motion) but you do have some riches and some power, at least comparatively to most in West Africa. And with some power comes some responsibility. So be a Spider-Man and give a little. Remember that one of the luxuries of living in the Developed World, or First World, is to not necessarily be working on the front lines of some project but to pay others to do so. And here you’re not even paying anyone for their services, but rather are supplying them with the funds they need to do what they need to do to work on the front lines of this monumental, but doable project.

Thanks for helping out!


P.S. If you need to channel your inner Spidey, click here

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